Bulgarian Brute Power Bag

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Have Time Efficient Workouts While Training Like a Beast!
The Bulgarian Brute™ Power Bag will help you develop strength and increase your metabolic rate. This bag is portable and can be applied to many workout programs.


Increase Your Strength: The sandbag will help you develop muscular strength and endurance. It also provides increased flexibility and mobility to prevent you from having injuries.

Increase Your Metabolism: The bag simulates weight training that can increase your metabolic rate and give you mental toughness.

Easy to Use: Portable and can be used anywhere for time-efficient workouts. Ideal for both home and outdoor activities.

Use to Your Preference: The empty power bag can be filled to your preference. The bag will hold up to 25 kg of sand.

Capacity: 25kg

Type: Empty Sandbag

Reach your fitness goals with the Bulgarian Brute™ Power Bag!